Atys sp. 03  Genus: de Montfort, 1810

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Atys sp. 03 is characterized by magenta edging to the tentaculate rear of the head shied and the parapodia.
This species was misidentified by Bill Rudman and posted on 15 April 2003 on these websites as Atys naucum (Linnaeus, 1758), which differs by brownish edging to the rear of the head shied, by whitish edging to the rear of the parapodia, and its mantle protrudes behind the shell, the anterior margin has alternating white and brown spots.
Species of the family Haminoeidae are herbivorous cephalaspideans.
I changed it on 20 March 2016 into Atys sp. 03  Genus: Montfort, 1810.
In a recent email on this specimen wrote Dr. Richard Willan: "It’s certainly an Atys, but probably not A. naucum. The name Atys naucum is based on only the shell (named by Linnaeus in 1758, so he would have had no access to drawings of the living animal) and it now turns out there are several largish spp. with quite similar shells but differently coloured animals. This one has the magenta edging to the (tentaculate) rear of the head shield and parapodia which is differently coloured to what is normally associated with A. naucum. So I think it would be best for you to call this Atys sp."
Very similar are the specimens of Atys kuhnsi  Pilsbry, 1917 from Tahiti, but those from Hawaii and from the Marshall Islands look different, IPN writes on page 22 this species is a synonym of Atys naucum (Linnaeus, 1758). According to WoRMS is the status of it accepted.
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