Hypselodoris infucata (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1830) [Doris]

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Hypselodoris infucata is one of a number of species with a bluish background colour, short dark blue lines or spots, and yellow or orange spots. Hypselodoris infucata is characterized by the simple gills, edged in red/brown (1 broad line).
This picture shows a 6 mm juvenile specimen.
I have posted more pictures of it than usual (I started these websites with max. 5 pictures of each species) to show some colour variants.
Pretty similar are
Hypselodoris confetti which has triangular gills edged in deep blue (2 thin lines), and three to five yellow spots on the outer face.
Hypselodoris roo which has triangular gills edged in red/brown (2 thin lines), and white and red markings on the outer face. often with a series of yellow spots up the outer face.
This species was published on 11 Aug. 2003 on these websites as Hypselodoris infucata (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1828) [Doris],
I know since a few days that Rüppell & Leuckart (1828 - 1830) is online, see reference. This text was published in 2 parts,
the pages 1 - 22 in 1828, and the pages 23 - 47 in 1830. Doris infucata appears on page/Seite 34 and on plate/Tafel X,
that is the year must be 1830.
I changed it on 9 January 2016 into Hypselodoris infucata (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1830) [Doris].
Rüppell E. & Leuckart F.S. (1828-1830). Mollusca [in] Atlas zu der Reise im nördlichen Afrika von Eduard Rüppell. 1. Abth. Zoologie. 5. Neue wirbellose Thiere des Rothen Meers.
Frankfurt, H.L. Brönner pp. 1-22, pl. 1-12 [1828], pp. 23-47 [probably 1830], page(s): 34, plate X, Figure 3
available online at http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/114235#page/349/mode/1up.
More information on Hypselodoris infucata are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
How to cite:
Köhler, E. (2020), published 10 June 2020, Hypselodoris infucata (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1830)
available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Nudibranchia/Doridina/Hypselodoris_infucata.htm


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